Downsizing Tips for Moving to a Smaller Property

When people hear the word ‘downsizing’, more often than not, it carries is a sort of negative connotation. It makes people think of having to move to a smaller home due to financial issues. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Moving to a smaller property can also mean the start of a simpler, clutter-free life! But you have to know how to do it the right way, and that is why we are here. Follow our tips and you will have a successful relocation to your new humble abode!

Staying positive will help you manage stress

Even though the reasons why you are moving into a more modest home might be unfavourable, you should still try to make the best of the situation. After all, a smaller home doesn’t necessarily mean a worse one. For one thing, you will spend less time cleaning it and keeping it maintained. Moreover, you will likely spend less money on bills and utilities, as well as on furniture, as you will need fewer things to fill up the space. So before you despair, try to think of all the good things that come with living in such a home. This attitude will help you manage stress more easily, as you won’t keep thinking about the bad sides of this endeavour.

Make sure to allocate enough time

Moving, in general, is a process that takes some time to complete. However, when you are moving from a larger home into a smaller one, you will need even more time. A couple of months before the move, make an inventory list of all the items in your home. Then start deciding which ones you want to take with you. Keep in mind that you will need to trim quite a few items, as your new home will be significantly smaller, so try to be ruthless rather than sentimental.

After you have decided what goes and what stays, you will need to pack it all up in boxes, which will again take some time. If you want to make the process a bit quicker, you can contact a removal company such as, as they have sturdy moving boxes, made specifically for this occasion.

You will need some help when moving to a smaller property

Since you are probably not an expert in the field of real estate, it is best to turn to a professional when you are looking for and moving to a smaller property. A professional estate agent will be able to find you a home according to your preferences. Your only job will be to create a list of all the absolutely necessary things you are looking for in a home, as well as those that are deal-breakers. Just keep in mind that while you shouldn’t settle for something you don’t like, it is advisable that you stay flexible. Some amenities or features might be out of your price range, so try to stay realistic.

Speaking of your budget, you will likely need to take out a mortgage loan. If you are unfamiliar with what that process entails, a professional mortgage broker will be able to answer all of your questions, such as those regarding your mortgage rate. As you can see, there are people whose business it is to handle these issues for you, so you should definitely take advantage of it. Trying to tackle these aspects by yourself can result in mismanagement of your funds and even higher levels of stress.

Get rid of unnecessary items from your home

Probably the most dreaded part of any relocation to a smaller home is getting rid of some of your items. People spend years accumulating things in their homes, often forgetting about them until the time to move comes along. Still, this is a crucial step during this process for many reasons. First of all, as we’ve mentioned, your new home will be smaller than your old one, so there will be less room for all your things. Secondly, by not cluttering up your new home, you will keep your mind free from clutter as well, allowing you to feel more at peace in your home. Finally, you won’t have to spend money on moving items that essentially have no use.

There are three ways you can go about getting rid of these items: you can sell them, donate them to charity or give to friends and family, or, if all else fails, you can throw them away. When it comes to selling your belongings, you can either do it online on sites like Craigslist or Gumtree, or you can organize a garage sale. Donating to a charity or giving to friends in need is always a good idea, just make sure that the things you plan on giving away are in good condition. Lastly, anything that is broken or outdated should definitely end up in the bin.

Measure each piece of furniture

Although it may seem trivial, measuring each larger piece of furniture you have will save you a lot of time down the line. It is not uncommon that smaller hallways come with a smaller apartment, so measure the pieces to make sure that they can fit into your new home. If you can visit the property before you start to move in and bring a tape measure. Get the dimensions of hallways and doorframes. If this isn’t a possibility, try to obtain a blueprint of the home. Also, pay attention to any oddly-shaped corners or walkways, as they might prevent certain L-shaped furniture to fit smoothly.

Add storage spaces to your new home

Finally, the last piece of advice we have when moving to a smaller property is to maximize the storage space in your new home. By this, we mean installing additional storage wherever possible. In your living room, you can implement floor-to-ceiling shelves, where you can store books, knickknacks, photos, etc. Moreover, you can make use of the space under your bed by putting in a drawer with separators inside, ideal for storing seasonal clothes. However, if this isn’t enough, you can always rent a storage unit and place some of your items there until you decide what to do with them. Just try not to go overboard, as it will defeat the purpose of the decluttering you have done.

Downsizing Tips for Moving to a Smaller Property

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