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Mr Jobby

So, what�s this Mr Jobby all about? Mr Jobby solves problems! I once had a dream that I could create and affordable minimum fuss handyman/maintenance service. My dream is now becoming a reality, after years in working in construction I soon found it apparent that there was little to no choice for home or business owners to have those small but important repairs carried in their homes or offices. The consumers seem to have only 3 options 1. Do it yourself 2. Call a builder 3. Call �Mr I can do that� in the local paper Now let�s look at these options in a little more detail. 1 Do it yourself (DIY) Most of us (mainly men) think that we can carry out our DIY, but please bare in mind a survey carried out in 2002 showed that there were over 230,000 reported injuries in the UK alone due to home improvements. ROSPA will have you believe that most of these accidents can be avoided with careful planning, using the right tools, wearing safety equipment, and taking precautions. Rubbish. You wouldn''t put on a crash helmet and decide it was safe to dash across a motorway, so you shouldn''t even attempt DIY. Prevention is always better than cure. 2 Call a Builder Most builders will avoid the small jobs like the plague, putting up a curtain pole changing a couple of light bulbs �they ain�t worth the assle love�. Or you call 5 of them, 3 may turn up and if you�re lucky you may even get a quote. Then how much time would you spend researching their credentials for such a small job? Do you often play Russian roulette? 3 Call �Mr I can do that� in the local paper Its Russian roulette time again! Now I�m sure there are some good guys out there doing some great work. If you are one of those people give me a call. Anybody can say they�re a handyman, or even worse a builder. One low cost advert in the local rag a couple of tools from the pound shop and off you go. Would you call a low cost advert and ask them to take care of you kids? So, why us? What makes us different? For me the answer is simple, we believe in what we do and what we are trying to achieve. I didn�t start Mr Jobby to simply give myself a job; I want to make a difference. We have a passion for service and what our customer think of us take president over everything else.

Fennels Lodge, St Peters Close
High Wycombe
HP11 1JT

Mr Jobby High Wycombe Buckinghamshire
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