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With more and more people working from home I thought I would share my home office fit out tips picked up from working from home for the past 15 years.

  • Your Own Space
    when I 1st started working from home we didn’t have a lot of room, didn’t have a separate home office but was instead working from a corner in our dining room. This was alright initially, but doesn’t compare with having your own space. Whenever possible have a separate home office or if not partition off your working area as well as you can.
  • Broadband, sockets, phone lines
    So you’ve decided to convert your spare room, study, corner of larger room, etc. to a home office.
    Before even thinking about having a desk in there you need to think about sockets, phonelines and broadband connections, the later can be mobile or wireless but it is still best to ensure you have wired connections to and ideally your router near your PC

    You will be surprised just how many electric sockets you need, I have 4 double sockets in my small single person office but it still isn’t really enough

  • Windows, lighting, blinds
    You may be in your home office up to 8 hours a day, you don’t really want to be staring at blank walls, ideally have you home office in a room with big windows, have it laid out so when sat at your desk you can see out of the window, better still have it where you see a bit of activity outside your window. My home office is at front of my house, has a big 2m window and I can just sit and watch the world go by, see when postman comes, see any deliveries, visitors, etc. I can’t stress enough how much better this is.

    Also, think about the sun, it’s lovely having the sun shinning it to you window, but not so nice when it is shining on your screen or is low and dazzling you, to solve this get some quality, easy to adjust window blinds fitted.

    The sun doesn’t always shine so also make sure you have really good lighting.

  • Comfort
    You may be sat in there a long time, it is important to be comfortable. This doesn’t just mean having a comfortable office chair (that is important though) it’s also about having a good office layout and having things ergonomic.
    Sit down an plan your office in every detail, where you will be sat, where your monitors will be, where you phone will be, where you will be hanging your earphones when not in use, where’s your printer going, your extra desks, files, etc.

    Don’t just think about when it’s only you in your home office, allow for visitors too, or even other staff if it ever gets to that.

  • Privacy
    Ok, your home office is obviously at home and only really amongst your family, it’s still important to have a bit of privacy.
    Ideally your home office is situated away from you family in a far corner of your home (obviously not always obtainable), it should also be stressed to family members, especially children that it is a business room and not to be treated like other rooms of the house, people should be discouraged from going in to it whenever possible and when they do they should treat it as a separate property, knock before entering, no shouting outside the door, etc.
  • Soundproofing
    Similar really to privacy, when in your home office you don’t really want to be distracted by other noises in the house, likewise you don’t want your family distracted by what you are doing in your home office.

    If possible and if room allows think about soundproofing your office, this is particularly important if having a home office fit out as soundproofing the walls ceiling, floors, etc. should be done as part of the fit out rather as an afterthought, also note a good solid door is a good thing to have

  • Home office layout
    These are my personal tips based from experience
    Don’t sit too close to a wall (see image below) it’s nice to have a space on one side of you and a shelf the other

    Home Office Fit Out Tips

  • Have window in front of you
  • Phones and headphones within easy reach
  • Have plenty of doodle pads

Tips and advice on having a nice home working environment

More to come soon – Share your favourite home office tips, home office layout tips and home office fit out tips in comments below

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