Is Pest Control Considered an Essential Service During Coronavirus Crisis Local Councils Say No

We were told yesterday that some local councils say pest control is not an essential service during coronavirus crisis and that they are no longer providing pest control services.

I find this hard to believe and have confirmed with 2 councils that this is not true, they say their council pest control services are still available but at a reduced service and that people should only contact them if really necessary.

Have you heard different, is your local council still providing best control services during the coronavirus crisis, do your council consider pest control an essential service and pest controllers as key workers?

Which Councils Do Not Consider Pest Control an Essential Service During The Coronavirus Crisis

Help us build up a database of local councils who do not consider Pest Control an essential service

Please let us know if your council is no longer providing pest control during the coronavirus crisis by filling in the short form below and we will try to make them reconsider their decision.

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Is Pest Control an Essential Service During Coronavirus Crisis

Pest Control not considered an essential service by local councils, Pest controllers are not keyworkers and should stay at home.

What do you think? – Share your views below.

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