Tips to sell your home in a hurry

Like selling your home wasn’t stressful enough, you might find yourself having to do it in a hurry. It can be due to any number of reasons like emergency relocations, a new job, or medical expenses. Perhaps you have a baby on the way, and you are about to outgrow your current home. Sometimes circumstances in life align so that there isn’t much time to plan and organize. Don’t panic; this article will offer you 7 tips to sell your home in a hurry. Basically, there are two things to prioritize: selling as fast as possible and getting the best price for your home. Let’s see how to make those things happen.

  • Price your home accordingly
    Everyone wants to get the most out of their property, and people tend to overvalue their homes. Most homes sell under the asking price, so be prepared to get less than what you are asking for. When setting the asking price, you should look at similar homes in the neighbourhood and try to go slightly under. Nothing will sell your home faster than an attractive price. Of course, any sale will be preceded by a negotiation where both sides will try to get a bit more out of the deal.
    It is essential to know what the buyers will use as a tactic to lower the price. We recommend that you hire a home inspector before the buyers have an inspection of their own. The inspector will inform you of what your home is lacking, and you can avoid any shocking surprises in the negotiation process. Additionally, have some minor renovations done to your home to address the issues before the buyers can notice them.
  • Make sure you don’t forget anything
    If you are trying to sell your home in a hurry, time is probably not on your side. However, that doesn’t mean you should blindly rush through everything. We recommend that you make a checklist. Regardless of how fast you need to sell, you will still go through the same steps as any other sale. Have a list of all the professional services you will require and contact them in time. Keep a note of all the telephone numbers and emails of the people you will be working with. You probably don’t have the time to afford mix-ups. Be extra careful and double-check all the dates, and make an accurate timeline of when things will happen.

  • Declutter your home
    Empty homes are easier to sell. Vacant rooms help prospective buyers visualize what they could do with space once they move in. Try to pack away everything you don’t need and just leave the essentials. That way, you can get your belongings ready in no time. You will need to be on your toes and ready to move. If you can afford it, moving out while the sale is ongoing might be a good idea. Alternatively, rent storage and remove as much as you can from the house you are selling.
  • Stage your home for sale
    Once you’ve decluttered and removed what you can, it’s time to pretty up your home. You’ll need to determine precisely how much time you have before you put up the listing. Perhaps you could make some improvements to increase the value of your home. Find a reliable real estate agent and ask them for tips to sell your home in a hurry and how to stage it properly. When making any improvements, you need to be mindful of the return on investment. Focus on low-cost, high-impact repairs instead of a complete remodel. Finally, pay special attention to the curb appeal of your home. It’s one of the first things onlookers will notice. A beautiful looking outside is visible from a mile away, as well as on any online photos.
  • Have a virtual tour
    After your home has been properly staged, you should have photos taken to show everyone just how beautiful it is. This is pretty much par for the course, and your home won’t be the only one with breath-taking photographs. You’ll probably need to do something more to make it stand out. Go the extra mile by hiring a professional to do a virtual tour. In times of the pandemic, many house buyers search for properties online. They actually end up visiting only a select few in person. Your home’s listing should grab attention and offer as much information as possible. Professional photographs and a 3D virtual tour will get the job done.
  • Trust the advice of professionals
    You don’t need to do everything yourself, especially when you are in a pinch for time. Instead of doing every aspect of physical labour on your own, you should delegate as much work as you can. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; you aren’t the first person to be selling a home. Ask the professionals you’ve hired for their advice and listen to them. They’ve probably done this more times than you have. Your real estate agent is bound to have a vast network of contacts you can draw from. Ask for numbers of people they have worked with before, and you’ll quickly be able to build your own task force.
  • Be ready for a quick move
    We already mentioned decluttering and being ready to go at a moment’s notice. Be sure you know what that entails and have a quick move already planned out. Where will you be moving once your home is sold? Can you stay with a friend or relative, or will you be renting? Talk things through in advance and have a support network in place if you need it. Hire reliable movers and packers to help get your possessions where you need them while you focus on other matters.

Final word
While there are many tips to sell your home in a hurry, the underlying message is: just don’t panic. Make a plan while you are level-headed, and avoid making sudden and rash decisions. Surround yourself with professionals and trust them to take on the job you’ve hired them for. Break up seemingly impossible undertakings into small tasks and take them on one at a time. Before you know it, you will have managed to sell your home.

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